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Welding Respiratory Replacement Parts & Accessories

Adflo Turbo Assembly 15-5401-01
Adflo Turbo Assembly 15-5401-01
Make sure to keep your 3M™ Adflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator running smoothly. Replace system components according to the user instructions.
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3M IDMarketplace Formal NameProduct SeriesSpare Part TypeColorHeadgear TypeProduct Type
70071275013700712750133M™ Adflo™ Rubber Breathing Tube Foam Gasket, Welding Safety 15-0099-11 1 EA/CaseAdflo (Powered Air)Breathing Tubes
70071268554700712685543M™ Adflo™ High Efficiency Starter Kit, Welding Safety 15-1101-99/37147(AAD) 1 EA/CaseAdflo (Powered Air)Filters & Cartridges
70071274834700712748343M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet Assembly Hardware Kit, Welding Safety 15-1699-70, for 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet 9000HWR-FV 1 EA/Case9000 HWR AccessoriesHeadgear & Helmets
70071534351700715343513M™ Hard Hat with Welding Shield and Wide-view Faceshield L-705SG-F 1 /CaseL-SeriesHeadgear & HelmetsGreenHardhat with Faceshield and Welding ShieldHeadgear
70071275526700712755263M™ Speedglas™ Replacement Head Cover, Welding Safety 18-0099-30 1 EA/Case9000 HWR AccessoriesHeadgear & Helmets
70071606837700716068373M™ Speedglas™ Duct Assembly (for 9100 FX-Air), 26-0400-55, 1/Case9100 Air AccessoriesHeadgear & Helmets
70071516531700715165313M™ Weld Shield Kit, Welding Safety L-153SG 1 EA/CaseL-Series, L-Series AccessoriesHeadgear & HelmetsWeldingHeadgear Parts and Accessories
70071275385700712753853M™ Speedglas™ Replacement Face Seal, Welding Safety 14-0099-28 1 EA/Case9000 HWR AccessoriesHeadgear & Helmets
70071274800700712748003M™ Speedglas™ Helmet 9000HWR-FV Inner Shell, Welding Safety 15-1699-32SW, with SideWindows 1 EA/Case *Discontinued as of February 2, 2013. Available while supplies last. See for details.9000 HWR AccessoriesHeadgear & Helmets
70071607678700716076783M™ Speedglas™ Face Seal (for 9100-Air), 25-0099-28, 1/Case9100 Air AccessoriesHeadgear & Helmets
70071516549700715165493M™ Silver Front Panel, Welding Safety L-154SG 1 EA/CaseL-Series, L-Series AccessoriesHeadgear & HelmetsWeldingHeadgear Parts and Accessories
70071516572700715165723M™ Helmet L-901SG, with Wide-view Faceshield 1/CaseL-Series, L-Series AccessoriesProtection Plates & VisorsGreenHelmet with FaceshieldHeadgear
70071606852700716068523M™ Speedglas™ Self-Adjusting Breathing Tube, SG-30W/37268(AAD), 1/Case9100 Air AccessoriesBreathing Tubes
70071274594700712745943M™ ClearVisor Face Seal and Headband Assembly, Welding Safety 16-0099-29, with Air Duct 1 EA/CaseAdflo (Powered Air)Headgear & Helmets
70071621562700716215623M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet 9100 MP, 27-0099-35SW, with Hard Hat and SideWindows, 1/Case (no Auto-Darkening Filter)9100 Air AccessoriesHeadgear & HelmetsGrinding Visor, Hard Hat, Respiratory Assembly, Welding Helmet
15 Results (Displaying results 1-15)



 Brand‎ Speedglas‎ ,  Adflo‎
 Cartridge or Filter Included‎ HE Filter‎
 CFM Capacity per Minute‎ 50 CFM‎ ,  100 CFM‎
 Color‎ Green‎
 Features‎ Respiratory Accessory‎
 Headgear Type‎ Welding Helmet‎ ,  Hardhat with Faceshield and Welding Shield‎ ,  Helmet with Faceshield‎ ,  Respiratory Assembly‎ ,  Hard Hat‎ ,  Welding‎ ,  Grinding Visor‎
 Product Series‎ 9100 Air Accessories‎ ,  L-Series Accessories‎ ,  L-Series‎ ,  Adflo (Powered Air)‎ ,  9000 HWR Accessories‎
 Product Type‎ Headgear‎ ,  Headgear Parts and Accessories‎
 Recommended Application‎ Metal Repair‎
 Size‎ Standard‎
 Spare Part Type‎ Protection Plates & Visors‎ ,  Filters & Cartridges‎ ,  Breathing Tubes‎ ,  Headgear & Helmets‎
 Supplied Air Respirator Style‎ W-Series Fixed Panels‎ ,  Versaflo™ AP-600 Portable Panels‎ ,  Low-Pressure Portable Ambient Air Pump‎ ,  MST Portable and Fixed Panels‎
 Valve Type‎ Cooling / Heating Valve‎ ,  Air Regulating Valve‎ ,  Low Pressure Valve‎
 Valve Type‎ Cooling / Heating Valve‎ ,  Air Regulating Valve‎ ,  Low Pressure Valve‎
 Visor Type‎ Clear Visor and Passive (Non-Auto-Darkening) or Auto-Darkening Welding Lens‎ ,  Clear‎


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