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3M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear

3M(TM) Virtua(TM) Sport CCS with Plugs
3M(TM) Virtua(TM) Sport CCS with Plugs
Lightweight, unisex Virtua protective eyewear combines versatility and value with high wraparound coverage, polycarbonate construction and a comfortable lens.
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3M IDMarketplace Formal NameLens CoatingLens ColorFrame Color
70071540986700715409863M™ Virtua™ Slim Protective Eyewear, 11754-00000-20 Clear Hard Coat Lens, Clear Temple 20 ea/caseAnti-ScratchClear  
70071540994700715409943M™ Virtua™ Slim Protective Eyewear, 11755-00000-20 Clear Anti Fog Lens, Clear Temple 20 ea/caseAnti-ScratchClear  
70071540481700715404813M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear V6, 11682-00000-20 Clear Anti Fog Lens, Black Frame 20 ea/caseAnti-FogClear  
70071577731700715777313M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear AP, 11819-00000-20, Clear Hard Coat Lens 20 ea/csAnti-ScratchClear  
70071539467700715394673M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear, 11329-00000-20 Clear Anti-Fog Lens, Clear Temple 20 ea/caseAnti-FogClear  
70071561982700715619823M™ Virtua™ Sport Protective Eyewear, 11798-00000-20 Corded Control System, Gray Anti-Fog Lens 20ea/csAnti-FogGrayBlack  
70071615747700716157473M™ Virtua™ AP, Protective eyewear, 11870-00000-20, Lt. Blue A/F lens, 20ea/csAnti-FogLight Blue  
70071561966700715619663M™ Virtua™ Sport CCS Protective Eyewear, 11796-00000-20 Clear A/F lens 20ea/csAnti-FogClearClear  
70071540507700715405073M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear V6, 11684-00000-20 I/O Mirror Lens, Black Frame 20 ea/caseAnti-ScratchIndoor/Outdoor Mirror  
70071540978700715409783M™ Virtua™ Sport Protective Eyewear, 11743-00000-20 I/O Gray HC Lens, Gray Temple 20 ea/caseAnti-ScratchIndoor/Outdoor Mirror  
70071539475700715394753M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear, 11329-00000-100 Clear Temples Clear Anti-Fog Lens 100 ea/caseAnti-FogClear  
70071540499700715404993M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear V6, 11683-00000-20 Gray Anti Fog Lens, Black Frame 20 ea/caseAnti-FogGray  
70071559465700715594653M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear, 11228-00000-100 Clear Uncoated Lens, Clear Temple 100 ea/caseUncoatedClear  
70071539673700715396733M™ Virtua™ Sport Protective Eyewear, 11388-00000-20 I/O Hard Coat Lens, Clear Temple 20 ea/caseAnti-ScratchIndoor/Outdoor Mirror  
70071540390700715403903M™ Virtua™ Protective Eyewear V4, 11673-00000-20 Gray Anti-Fog Lens, Black/Gray Temple 20 ea/caseAnti-FogGray  
32 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Comfort Features‎ Versatile‎ ,  Cord Control System Temples for Earplug Attachment‎ ,  Sporty wraparound frame‎ ,  Wide viewing area‎ ,  Color-accented temples‎ ,  Dual-injected temples‎ ,  Wraparound lens‎ ,  Lightweight‎ ,  Soft nose bridge‎ ,  Contains foam gasket‎
 Eyewear Range‎ Economy‎ ,  Premium‎
 Frame Color‎ Black‎ ,  Clear‎
 Frame Style/Type‎ Frameless‎ ,  Half-frame‎
 Lens Coating‎ Anti-Fog‎ ,  Uncoated‎ ,  Anti-Scratch‎
 Lens Color‎ Light Amber‎ ,  Light Blue‎ ,  Indoor/Outdoor Mirror‎ ,  Clear‎ ,  Gray‎
 Lens Marking‎ Z87+‎
 Product Type‎ Safety Glasses‎
 Recommended Application‎ Facility Maintenance‎ ,  Masonary‎ ,  Sawing‎ ,  Machining‎ ,  Electrical‎ ,  Drilling‎ ,  Manufacturing‎ ,  Grinding‎ ,  Pouring/Casting‎ ,  Sanding‎ ,  Welding‎ ,  Chipping‎ ,  Riveting‎ ,  Power Fastening‎ ,  UV Protection‎ ,  Chiseling‎ ,  Metal Fabrication‎ ,  Construction‎ ,  Machine Operations‎ ,  Assembly‎ ,  Painting‎ ,  Cleaning‎ ,  Remediation‎ ,  Demolition‎ ,  Mining‎
 Recommended Industry‎ Chemicals‎ ,  Aviation‎ ,  Automotive‎ ,  Construction‎ ,  Law Enforcement‎ ,  Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO)‎ ,  Primary Metals‎ ,  General Manufacturing‎ ,  Food & Beverage‎ ,  Grinding‎ ,  Transportation‎ ,  Sanding‎ ,  Welding‎ ,  Pharmaceuticals‎ ,  Demolition‎ ,  UV Protection‎ ,  Mining‎ ,  Food and Beverage Manufacturing‎ ,  Metal Fabrication‎ ,  Oil & Gas‎
 Temple Color‎ Blue‎ ,  Black‎


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