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Tower Climbing Harness with Leg Straps showing
Tower Climbing Harness with Leg Straps showing
These 3M harnesses offer features for special applications such as wind energy, tower climbing, utilities, oil & gas, mobile skywalk, hoisting and riding, iron working, electrical work, etc.
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3M IDMarketplace Formal NameDimension RequirementsFeaturesStandards/ApprovalsWeight Capacity
70071572203700715722033M™ Coated Web Harness 10955, Universal size, 1 ea/caseProduct Dimension: 12 inches long, 12 inches wideEasy CleanCSA Z259.1-12310 lbs. 
70071615093700716150933M™ Tower Climbing Harness 1515-XL, X-large, 1 ea/casePadded310 lbs. 
70071575644700715756443M™ Elavation™ Energy Harness WM7510 (L-XL), large/X-large, 1 ea/caseHeavy Weight Capacity400 lbs. 
70071527017700715270173M™ Omega Worksafe Harness M1311-M, medium, 1 ea/casePadded310 lbs. 
70071525102700715251023M™ Vest Harness 1808 (XXL), XX-large, 1 ea/caseHeavy Weight Capacity, High Visibility400 lbs. 
70071526993700715269933M™ Omega Worksafe Harness M1311-L, large, 1 ea/casePadded310 lbs. 
70071572039700715720393M™ Wind Energy Harness 1492-XL, X-large, 1 ea/caseBreathable310 lbs. 
70071527066700715270663M™ Omega Worksafe Harness M1311-XXL, XX-large, 1 ea/caseHeavy Weight Capacity, Padded400 lbs. 
70071615085700716150853M™ Tower Climbing Harness 1515-L, large, 1 ea/casePadded310 lbs. 
70071528239700715282393M™ Specialty Harness U1620, Universal size, 1 ea/caseNon-Conductive310 lbs. 
70071525086700715250863M™ Vest Harness 1808 (L-XL), large/X-large, 1 ea/caseHigh Visibility310 lbs. 
70071572021700715720213M™ Wind Energy Harness 1492-L, large, 1 ea/caseBreathable310 lbs. 
70071572187700715721873M™ Oil & Gas General Purpose Harness 10855 (XXXL), XXX-large, 1 ea/caseHeavy Weight Capacity400 lbs. 
70071572005700715720053M™ Wind Energy Harness 1492-S, small, 1 ea/caseBreathable310 lbs. 
70071575198700715751983M™ Wind Energy Harness 1490 (L-XL), large/X-large, 1 ea/caseBreathable310 lbs. 
22 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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BeltWith, Without
Dimension RequirementsProduct Dimension: 12 inches long, 12 inches wide
FeaturesPadded, High Visibility, Non-Conductive, Heavy Weight Capacity, Breathable, Easy Clean
Recommended ApplicationPainting, Demolition
Recommended IndustryMining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Metal Fabrication, Transportation
Standards/ApprovalsCSA Z259.1-12
Weight Capacity400 lbs., 310 lbs.

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